Episode #66 | Daniel Deardorff, Judith-Kate Friedman | mythologists | Storytellers | Musicians

Daniel Deardorff is a mythologist, author, storyteller and musician. He is the Founding Director of The Mythsinger Foundation, where he teaches a year-long course in the study and practice of myth and ritual called “Living Myth, Living World.” Deardorff offers the fruits of his personal explorations and healing in his work. Song, poem, ritual, and creative music are tools Deardorff uses to cultivate healing, authenticity, identity, and expression of depth and soul.

Judith-Kate Friedman is the founder and director of Songwriting Works, an organization that aims to restore joy, hope, health and community by offering interactive musical adventures, skills-building workshops and inclusive events to elders, youth, and families in neighbourhoods, care centers, and schools.