Episode #108 | Reel Fathers | Deborah Boldt | Allan Shedlin | Don McAvinchey

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Deborah Boldt is the Executive Director of Reel Fathers. She is an award-winning filmmaker who uses her expertise in film as an educational catalyst. Her documentary “Miles to Go,” was co-produced with Hilary Maddux and won an Academy Award Certificate of Special Merit.

Don McAvinchey is a Director of Reel Fathers. McAvinchey is a family therapist, life coach, trainer and former Director of Health Families First. He is the current Clinical Director of the Santa Fe Indian School and the Sky Center.

Allan Shedlin, M.A. is the founder and former president of Reel Fathers. Shedlin combined his experience as an educator, freelance writer, parenting coach, and national educational consultant in creating the parenting organization. Shedlin coined the term “daddying” in 1994 to describe the convergence of fatherhood and nurturing.

 Reel Fathers, founded in 2008, inspires men to love, nurture and care for their children and to be skilful co-parents. They collaborate with community organizations in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Reel Fathers provides innovative programs that tap the appeal of popular culture by using ‘story’ told through film and poetry as a focal point. The facilitators use story themes as a springboard to impart skills that improve communication, build closer relationships, and strengthen families.