Episode #203 | Ranier Wood | Artist | Vulveré

Ranier Wood | Vulvere

Ranier Wood is an artist. She calls her art serious “reclamantion work”, as she paints beautiful paintings of women’s vulvas, each one unique and different.

Her work is both political and rememdial, as she acts as a catalyst for excavation of some of the more painful memories that a woman holds in the most vulnerable place in her body.

This is from Ranier’s website, vulvere’.org. Return to reverence. Vulveré is an art project dedicated to women’s most intimate geographies. It is about the wild inner parts in all of us; the stardust at the center of our souls.

The dark, the soft, the wet, the raw.

Vulveré is not eroticizing, commodifying, or civilizing a woman’s genitals. It’s about PUSSY as a metaphor and access point to the deepest, wildest, raw parts of ourselves. It’s about witnessing that in women, interpreting it visually, and then sharing it with the world saying: “You see this? THIS is sacred. This is DIVINE.”