Episode #215 | Jake and Hannah Eagle | "Conscious Language"

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There are many ways of coming home to ourselves.  Yoga,  meditation, qigong and tai chi and dozens more. When we recognize and acknowledge that we are the center of our reality, and that we see our story from only our perspective, we can live more consciously by changing the way we think and the way we speak. Language can be used to raise or lower our consciousness.

Jake and Hannah Eagle, who founded and co-lead “live conscious” retreats, suggest that when we consciously use our language, which shapes the meaning of our experience, we live from the inside out. And when we do this in a group, silently witnessed by others, our experience of taking full responsibility for shaping our lives is validated exponentially.

Hannah Eagle has been a classical homeopath for 20 years with a private practice in Santa Fe. She now works with her husband, Jake Eagle, teaching courses and retreats called Live Conscious.

Jake Eagle has been a licensed psychotherapist for the past 25 years, but he now refers to what he does as Conscious Mentoring. In 2010 he wrote an award winning book called ReRight  Your Life. 

Currently, Jake and Hannah teach their Live Conscious retreats and courses to people around the world—in New Mexico, Mexico, Hawaii and Japan.