Episode #201 | Hour World | Linda Hogan, Terry Daniels & Addrianne McCurrach

We are Social Architects who believe that people are the true wealth of the world as their talents gracefully flow out to the benefit of all. We are grounded in the principles of simplicity and abundance and in the the joy of giving and receiving. It is our desire to help in the reclamation of local community prosperity by providing our gifts of time, training and tools in a pay it forward model within the Hour Exchange networks of hOurworld.

We strive to remove all barriers to entry and membership in the time banking movement so that all may have the opportunity to contibute their time and talents and feel connected to their local community. As individuals we each participate in the community currency movement and we honor all the good people who have contibuted to this system of service to others. We pay special tribute to the seven women that originally founded time banking in the United States.