Episode #214 | Voyce Durling-Jones | Hoshindo | "The Medicine of the Bee"

Hoshindo is the medicine of the bee, it is bee therapy. First there was the bee, and then there was the acupuncture needle. Though Bee venom therapy first evolved in China about 5000 years ago, it was Japan who created Hoshindo..refining bee venom therapy into its present, elegant, painless technique. Hoshindo uses bee sting taps for a variety of different conditions, offering anti-inflammatory and auto-immune healing.

Voyce Durling-Jones, a Hoshindo sensei, was the first foreigner to be trained in Hoshindo in Japan, and to pass the national Hoshin examinations for certification. She is the lineage holder and founder of the Hoshindo Healing Arts Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She began her practice of HoShin 20 years ago.

Everything you want to know about bees; their biology, healing properties, relationships.