Episode #227 | Christa Obuchowski | "botanical perfumer"

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"Plants are my allies, friends and teachers."

Christa J. Obuchowski is a traditional naturopath, botanical perfumer, distiller, and educator. In 1994, Christa founded the AromaBotanica Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering a full-spectrum approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit through stimulating natural healing potentials. Christa is a licensed educator and massage therapist.

For the last twenty years, she has devoted herself to the art and science of blending plant extracts and healing with scent. Her great love is the creation of scent portraits for individuals using a ‘scent palette’. In recent years Christa has come to work more with raw plant materials, making plant extracts herself through processes of distillation and maceration. The CJO line of rare, exquisite fragrances includes colognes, balms, smudges, oils, hydrosols, and roll-on perfumes.

She teaches classes on plant medicine, the art of perfume making, and self-care. Every month she holds “Aroma Hydro-soul Salons” at her studio, exploring the healing magic of Aroma hydrolates with colleagues and clients.


Episode #225 | Dream Catcher Ranchito

The best and freshest goat cheese I ever tasted was from the Farmer's Market, fromDream Catcher Ranchito. Mary Ann Andrews is the owner / goatmistress and cheese master of Dream Catcher Ranchito, about 15 minutes from downtown Santa Fe. She was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. growing up as a city girl with no background in animal husbandry or cheese making. In a former life, she worked in finance, as a financial planner in Kentucky, which gave her the business smarts to create this thriving business. 

Mary Ann adores her goats, and they love her back. Most are a breed called “Nubian.”She says they are “personable, loving, and very smart.” She started making goat yogurt for dogs, then realized that people would like it as well.Check out the podcast for everything you might like to know about goats.


Episode #220 | Water is Life

Water is Life.  Aqua es vida.  In any language, water is life. Without it, we cannot survive. The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. Three artists will be presenting the Water is Life Festival at the beautiful Santa Fe Botanical Garden to “honor water by inspiring action for clean water.” Dancers, poets, artists, musicians will come together to present an exceptional experience about water. AND a water medicine wheel will be created, as well as a seed exchange and water stories. 

Bobbe Besold is a visual artist, educator, performer and writer who works in all media. Her primary focus is to create art for Earth’s sake by engaging and collaborating with diverse groups.  She was part of the core team that created Flash Flood in the Santa Fe River for 350.org

Hyda Maria is a Native Santa Fean with a background in education, music, storytelling and dance. She is writing and illustrating a Literacy Arts program (soon to be published).  She has taught and participated in water ceremonies, dances, and songs to honor, cleanse, and renew our waters. 

A social practice artist, poet and scholar, Alicia Rencountre- DaSilva has worked with museum institutions, community programs in public schools, and with educational institutions in Santa Fe and in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Episode #211 | Sandy Bosben | Martys Meals

Marty’s Meals opened its doors in Santa Fe in June 2013, and is one of the most integrity-full purveyors of extremely high-quality, locally-prepared, vet-approved pet meals. The store also provides valuable information and free programs on the care and treatment of our most valued friends.Sandy Bosben   founded Marty’s in 2010 in San Francisco, after adopting her rescue, Marty, who had some physical problems which Sandy chose to solve nutritionally.  As well as the nutritional philosophy behind Marty’s Meals, the mission of the company is a triple bottom line; Sustainable, ethical sourcing, aggressive minimal waste operations, and supporting regional growers and ranchers, as well as education of pet owners on holistic health, nutrition, and care.

Episode #210 | LAURIE MOORE | Animal Communicator

Dr. Laurie Moore is an intuitive reader, coach, certified animal communicator, and hypnotherapist. She uses her intuitive gifts as animal and human reader to offer clarity and assistance with life passages, relationships, and personal and business problems.. She calls herself a HEART telepath. For two decades she has assisted people and animals to transform their lives, and communicate in evolved and fulfilling ways.  She has taught in Europe, around the US and all over the Hawaiian Islands. Author of The Cat’s Reincarnation: Transformative Encounters with Animals and Healing and Awakening the Heart:  Animal Wisdom for Humans.

Episode #206 | Vijali Hamilton | Artist, Peacemaker

Vijali Hamilton has dedicated her life as a peacemaker. Beginning in 1986, when she became inspired by a dream and was prompted to embark upon a quest for global peace, artist Vijali Hamilton traveled from one country to another, leaving behind magnificent environmental stone sculptures as a gift to the communities in which she lived.  Over one thousand of her artworks are in museums, public places, and private collections. She gives seminars and retreats on meditation and the creative process, internationally and at her World Wheel Center Retreat outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Vijali spent ten years as a monastic member of the Vedanta convent in Santa Barbara.

As Vijali collaborates with diversified communities, she utilizes her skills as a filmmaker, sculptor, musician, teacher and author to further her quest for world peace. Her journey ranged from India, Tibet, China, Siberia, Japan and the Middle East, to Senegal, Native North America, and the Andes and Amazonian region of Ecuador and continues on today and into the future. Her journey is shown in her recent feature film Wheel of the World, One Woman’s Creative Journey for Global Peace”.

Episode #202 | Nina Simons | Bioneers | Visionary Social Entrepreneur | Cultivating Women's Leadership

     Nina Simons is an award-winning social entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, author, and visionary thinker. In 1990, she and her husband and partner Kenny Ausubel founded Bioneers, an innovative nonprofit organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet. The subtitle for Bioneers is "Revolution from the Heart of Nature" Prior to that, she joined Seeds of Change as it’s marketing director, and was subsequently promoted to President, helping to grow the company as a national brand in a mere 5 years.

     Nina’s current work focuses on writing, speaking and teaching about the importance of leadership, diversity, nature, systems thinking and restoring the feminine in us all.

    She is the co-creator of the Cultivating Women’s Leadership residential trainings and co-edited the anthology, "Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart." 

In this interview, nina talks about women, nature, and social change. she says we are in a time of massive re-invention, and need to look at what leadership really looks like. Nina trusts her body's information, as it never lies. She suggests "befriending vulnerability" and says that "women tend to more relational thinking, and when crisis occurs, they "tend and befriend". She asks how we can reclaim the validity of our emotional lives? She talks about the "demonization" of the feminine, suggests seeking diversity in all it's forms, and says that "relationships are a function of rupture and repair."

Episode #191 | John Stokes | The Tracking Project

The Tracking Project Inc. (TTP) is a Corrales, New Mexico-based organisation founded in 1986. TTP works with community educators and Native elders to design teachings that connect individuals directly with the natural world.

John Stokes is a well-known musician, performer, writer and teacher of tracking, as well as the founder and Director of TTP.

Episode #178 | Clayton Bass | SF Botanical Garden

Clayton Bass has been the CEO of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden since 2013. He has more than 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector specializing in development and management.

Santa Fe Botanical Garden is "A living museum evocative of the antiquity of New Mexico." The Garden, conceived of in 1987, celebrates, cultivates and conserves the rich biodiversity of New Mexico.

Episode #148 | Merle Lefkoff | Center for Emergent Diplomacy

Merle Lefkoff, PhD is a social change entrepreneur whose practice is devoted to the application of nonlinear complex systems thinking to whole systems change. She is the founder and CEO of the Center for Emergent Diplomacy, which applies the self-organizing power of Complexity Science to global policy agendas. 

Episode #128 | Bill McKibben, Michelle Laflamme-Childs | 350.0rg

Bill McKibben is the senior advisor and co-founder of 350.org. 350.org is an organization that believes in a safe climate and a better future. They are building a global grassroots climate movement aiming to hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and principles of justice, and the stark realities of climate change.

Michelle Laflamme-Childs was a deputy director of the Santa Fe Art Institute from 2006-13.