Episode #224 | Quinn Fontaine | Author | "Hung Like A Seahorse: A Real-Life Transgender Adventure"


Most of us are comfortable with the gender we were assigned at birth. But transsexuals have the absolute conviction of being born in the wrong body, a severe identify problem causing major suffering from early childhood on.


Quinn Fontaine is a proud TRANS guy who has a background in all things expressive [standup, sketch and improvisational comedy, installation work and found object sculpture]. Fontaine’s first-ever one person show, Learning to Stay, was selected for fellowship with The Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship. Fontaine’s second solo show, aptly titled Kathleen Fontaine, the Man, the Mystery! played to sold out audiences.

He has just completed his first book, Hung Like A Seahorse: A Real-Life Transgender Adventure of Tragedy, Comedy and Recovery.

Website: http://QuinnFontaine.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inspirational.speaker.comic

Instagram: http://instagram.com/themanthemystery

Twitter: https://twitter.com/quinnfontaine1

Episode #222 | Mantality

“Mantality” is a new original play with an all male-identified cast expressing a variety of social, emotional, political and spiritual perspectives on masculinity.
–It was presented on Friday, September 29 at the Railyard Performance Center. The cast spans a diversity of ages, races and backgrounds. Tyger White directs a group of 16 men, each of whom has written his own poem, song, dance, or monologue.

Inspired by the wildly successful, sold-out show, “Fierce Feminine Rising”, performed by an all female-identified cast in April 2017, Tyger White gathered a group of passionate performers to give this one-time gift of music, dance, song, poetry, and theatre to the Santa Fe community.. The show is sponsored by New Mexico Men’s Wellness.

Episode #218 | Barbara Bentree | Singer | Filmmaker "My Choice"

Years ago, it was expected that if you were a woman, after marriage you were expected to have children. What an assumption!  Clearly a woman’s body is her own, and society pressure is no longer relevant.The rate of women who are childless by choice has increased 100%

Over the past 45 yearsThe singer and entertainer Barbara Bentree has made a documentary called My Choice, a filmed conversation between 5 women ranging in age between mid-40’s to mid 60’s, all of whom made the choice not to have children. In very candid interviews, they explore the surprising reasons why they made their decision. My Choice provides a forum for discussing the role of women on the planet, and reinforces why a woman’s right to choose is so important.

Episode #196 | Cecile Lipworth | Producer, "The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey"

"The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey" is a play by James Lecesne, directed by Tony Speciale. Cecile Lipworth produced the play and is the managing director of V-Day and the co-producer of One Billion Rising. The Absolute Brightness is about the disappearance of Leonard Pelkey, a 14-year-old boy who dared to be different, and the small New Jersey town that will never be the same without him. 

Episode #194 | Patrick Anderson, Thomas Jaggers | Embodying the True Masculine

Patrick Anderson and Thomas Jaggers are the leaders of Embodying the True Masculine: An Exploration for Men, a workshop exploring gender roles and what it means to be a man in the 21st Century. The workshop uses sacred physical and meditation practices to ground participants deeply in their embodied experience. From this grounded place, participants are more able to carefully explore the energy of true masculinity and femininity, and the qualities of strength, sensitivity, vulnerability, beauty, intimacy, and sexuality that live innately within both men and women. 

Episode #179 | Gay Dillingham | Film | "Dying To Know"

Gay Dillingham is the producer and director of Dying to Know and The WIPP Trail, narrated by Robert Redford. Dillingham founded and managed two environmental technology companies, Earthstone International and Growstone.

Dying to Know is a celebration of the 1960s Harvard psychology professors Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, who began probing the edges of consciousness through their experiments with psychedelics. Leary became an LSD guru, challenging convention, questioning authority, and as a result spawned a global counter culture movement. Alpert journeyed to the East becoming Ram Dass, a spiritual teacher for a generation. Ram Dass encourages us to ponder questions of life and death. Leary and Ram Dass collaborated on a book titled The Psychedelic Experience based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead, which explores the similarities of the psychedelic experience and the dying process.

Episode #165 | Adam McKinney | Dancer, Choreographer

"HaMapah/ The Map" is a performance piece conceived and performed by Adam McKinney and directed by Daniel Banks. McKinney is both African-American and Jewish, and his performance demonstrates the roots of these two cultures. Both are co-Directors of DNAWorks, an arts and service organization committed to dialogue and healing through the arts.

Episode #162 | Jewel Box Cabaret | Gender Illusion

The Jewel Box Cabaret presents the art of gender illusion, musical comedy and burlesque in Santa Fe, NM.

Guava Chiffon is a former Las Vegas showgirl who brings her big boned thrills, chills and love of the art of gender illusion to the Cabaret stage.

Linda Krauss is the producer, director and promoter of Jewel Box Cabaret.

Episode #130 | Ruby Gibson | Author | "Somatic Archaeology: Seven-Generation Healing"

Dr. Ruby Gibson is dedicated to the craft of science of historical trauma recovery among Native Peoples around Turtle Island. She developed two intergenerational trauma recovery models: Somatic Archaeology and Indigenous Brainspotting. Dr. Gibson is the Executive Director of Freedom Lodge Inc. a not-for-profit whose goal is to support the recovery of First Nations Peoples suffering from enthnocide, PTSD and residential school abuses.

My Body, My Earth: The Practice of Somatic Archaeology treats each body as an archaeological site that holds the details and wisdom of our extraordinary life stories. 

Episode #126 | Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen | Author | "Like a Tree" How Trees, Women and Tree People Can save the Planet"..."

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen is an author, Jungian Analyst,  teacher, and activist. She is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a recipient of the Institute for Health and Healing’s Pioneers in Art, Science, and the Soul of Healing Award. Bolen has written many books about the archetypal psychology for women and men in the development of spirituality. These include The Tao of Psychology; Goddesses in Everywoman; Urgent Message from Mother; and Moving Towards the Millionth Circle and Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman.

Episode #74 | Allan Shedlin | Reel Fathers

Allan Shedlin, M.A. is the founder and former president of Reel Fathers. Shedlin combined his experience as an educator, freelance writer, parenting coach, and national educational consultant in creating the parenting organization. Shedlin coined the term “daddying” in 1994 to describe the convergence of fatherhood and nurturing. Fathering, he says, is a one-time biological act requiring no commitment whatsoever, while daddying is a lifelong process. Shedlin wants to use the power of cinema to deepen the connection between fathers and their kids.

Reel Fathers, founded in 2008, inspires men to love, nurture and care for their children and to be skillful co-parents. They collaborate with community organizations in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Reel Fathers provides innovative programs that tap the appeal of popular culture by using ‘story’ told through film and poetry as a focal point. The facilitators uses film story themes as a springboard to impart skills that improve communication, build closer relationships, and strengthen families.

In this interview, Allan revisits traditional masculine roles and stereotypes.He demystifies parenting asking what it takes to become the "dad you want to be." When men act in a nurturing way, it is not a feminine quality.  Shedlin emphasizes the importance of presence between fathers and their children.  He says that, when asked about their own fathering, many men say "there is a hole in my heart the shape of my father."


Allan Shedlin is an educational reformer and was founding Executive Director of the National Elementary School Center. A former school principal of Ethical Culture School in New York, he is the father of three adult "children" and three young grandchildren.

Allan explores the role of fathers for his book Lifelong DADDYING: Practical Guidance for Being the Parent You Want to Be. Allan  says that the term "Fathering" is a one-time act, but "Daddying" is a lifetime journey. 

Episode #53 | Hella Neumann | Family Constellation

It has been said that Our roots are our branches. The concept of ancestors has been eliminated from our culture, and there IS a "family soul."  The family constellation is the language of the soul, a group experience that produces remarkable insights and healing.

"Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations."

                                             -Bertold Ulsamer

Systemic Family Constellations respond to the longing that is deeply imbedded in our souls to live in the wholeness of our ancestral line. The family soul is a highly sensitive energetic field in which all who belong to a family are connected in love, including those who are forgotten or not honored, were mentally ill, or miscarried, or who died prematurely or violently. Only when all these are looked at and honored, and receive their respected place in the family system, can there be peace. Until they are seen again, we are entangled in their fate and carry their burdens – in the form of physical illness, depression, eating disorders, panic attacks, or conflicts in our personal or professional relationships.


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Episode #52 | Craig Barnes Author | Playwright | Activist

Craig Barnes was a political activist, author, playwright and host of the KSFR radio show “Our Times with Craig Barnes.” Barnes was named a Santa Fe Living Treasure in 2014. Barnes died in November of 2015.

In Search of the Lost Feminine: Decoding the Myths That Radically Reshaped Civilization, Barnes explains the mysterious disappearance of ancient cultures in which woman and the environment were centrally important. Barnes traces the archaeological and societal forces that shaped our current culture of misogyny and glorification of war.

Episode #47 | Leonard Shlain | Author | Surgeon | Lecturer

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Leonard Shlain was a brain surgeon, author, inventor, lecturer, and best-selling author of Leonardo’s Brain: Understanding da Vinci’s Creative Genius. His seminal book The Alphabet and the Goddess posits that the world switched from female worship to male domination just after the invention of the alphabet, as people switched from right-brain consciousness to left-brain consciousness. Shlain died in May of 2009 after a battle with brain cancer.

Episode #40 | Eleanor Coppola / Artist, Filmmaker / "Circle of Memory: Installation for Grieving"

Eleanor Coppola is a documentary filmmaker, artist, writer and wife of director Francis Ford Coppola. She is best known for her 1991 film “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse.”

Coppola helped to found the collaborative art exhibition "Circle of Memory" to commemorate missing a lost loved ones. “Circle of Memory” was inspired by the ritual spaces where communities gather to experiences death, grief, change and renewal, which she talks about in this interview.

Episode #39 | Anne McCormack | Many Mothers

Many Mothers is an organization that has been matching trained volunteers with families of newborns to provide practical and emotional in-home support since 1998 in the Santa Fe area. Volunteers care for the children while giving new parents time to themselves during the first few months of life.

Anne McCormack was the founder of Many Mothers, and passed away in 2008.

Episode #34 | Margot Anand | Tantra Teacher | Author

Margot Anand is an internationally acclaimed authority on Tantra, best-selling author, and teacher and founder of “SkyDancing Tantra,” a Tantric method combining ancient traditions of holistic spirituality as well as modern techniques. Her books include The Art of Everyday Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic.

Episode #14 | Sondra Ray | Author | Rebirther | Teacher

Sondra Ray is internationally recognized as a dynamic spiritual leader. She is a recognised spiritual teacher, author, rebirther, lecturer and healer with expertise in relationships.

She is also the author of 18 books about rebirthing, relationships, ideal birth, healing and holiness, as well as mental and spiritual imperatives, including Rebirthing in the New Age, and The Divine Mother's Gift.