Episode #203 | Ranier Wood | Artist | Vulveré

Ranier Wood | Vulvere

Ranier Wood is an artist. She calls her art serious “reclamantion work”, as she paints beautiful paintings of women’s vulvas, each one unique and different.

Her work is both political and rememdial, as she acts as a catalyst for excavation of some of the more painful memories that a woman holds in the most vulnerable place in her body.

This is from Ranier’s website, vulvere’.org. Return to reverence. Vulveré is an art project dedicated to women’s most intimate geographies. It is about the wild inner parts in all of us; the stardust at the center of our souls.

The dark, the soft, the wet, the raw.

Vulveré is not eroticizing, commodifying, or civilizing a woman’s genitals. It’s about PUSSY as a metaphor and access point to the deepest, wildest, raw parts of ourselves. It’s about witnessing that in women, interpreting it visually, and then sharing it with the world saying: “You see this? THIS is sacred. This is DIVINE.”

Episode #202 | Nina Simons | Bioneers | Visionary Social Entrepreneur | Cultivating Women's Leadership

     Nina Simons is an award-winning social entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, author, and visionary thinker. In 1990, she and her husband and partner Kenny Ausubel founded Bioneers, an innovative nonprofit organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet. The subtitle for Bioneers is "Revolution from the Heart of Nature" Prior to that, she joined Seeds of Change as it’s marketing director, and was subsequently promoted to President, helping to grow the company as a national brand in a mere 5 years.

     Nina’s current work focuses on writing, speaking and teaching about the importance of leadership, diversity, nature, systems thinking and restoring the feminine in us all.

    She is the co-creator of the Cultivating Women’s Leadership residential trainings and co-edited the anthology, "Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart." 

In this interview, nina talks about women, nature, and social change. she says we are in a time of massive re-invention, and need to look at what leadership really looks like. Nina trusts her body's information, as it never lies. She suggests "befriending vulnerability" and says that "women tend to more relational thinking, and when crisis occurs, they "tend and befriend". She asks how we can reclaim the validity of our emotional lives? She talks about the "demonization" of the feminine, suggests seeking diversity in all it's forms, and says that "relationships are a function of rupture and repair."

Episode #126 | Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen | Author | "Like a Tree" How Trees, Women and Tree People Can save the Planet"..."

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen is an author, Jungian Analyst,  teacher, and activist. She is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a recipient of the Institute for Health and Healing’s Pioneers in Art, Science, and the Soul of Healing Award. Bolen has written many books about the archetypal psychology for women and men in the development of spirituality. These include The Tao of Psychology; Goddesses in Everywoman; Urgent Message from Mother; and Moving Towards the Millionth Circle and Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman.

Episode #52 | Craig Barnes Author | Playwright | Activist

Craig Barnes was a political activist, author, playwright and host of the KSFR radio show “Our Times with Craig Barnes.” Barnes was named a Santa Fe Living Treasure in 2014. Barnes died in November of 2015.

In Search of the Lost Feminine: Decoding the Myths That Radically Reshaped Civilization, Barnes explains the mysterious disappearance of ancient cultures in which woman and the environment were centrally important. Barnes traces the archaeological and societal forces that shaped our current culture of misogyny and glorification of war.

Episode #34 | Margot Anand | Tantra Teacher | Author

Margot Anand is an internationally acclaimed authority on Tantra, best-selling author, and teacher and founder of “SkyDancing Tantra,” a Tantric method combining ancient traditions of holistic spirituality as well as modern techniques. Her books include The Art of Everyday Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic.

Episode #21 | Robin Williams | Author | Sweet Swan of Avon

Robin Williams is an author, educator, and computer expert. She is the founder of the Mary Sidney Society, and leads the New Mexico Internet Professionals Association. She is a local to Santa Fe.

In Sweet Swan of Avon, Williams suggests that the Duchess of Pembroke, Mary Sidney, may have written the entire Shakespeare canon.