Episode #231 | Elsie Maio | Soul Branding | Humanity, Inc.

Elsie Maio , a leading business values guru and a sustainable business consultant,  is the founder of her company Soul Branding, which takes companies through a process of spiritual awakening. Their mission is to humanize high performing companies and 'performance-ize' social-mission organizations. In the interview, she talks of the need, in this time of cultural crisis, for the artists to create the new iconography of system well-being to replace the icons of commerce.

Elsie is on a mission – to empower business to profitably align with the web of life. Ms. Maio started her career on Wall Street , and, through her public platform and real time engagement with clients, Elsie has helped usher in the sustainability movement since 1997. She has helped scores of leaders to discover emergent trends in business and society, and to commercialize that advantage. Her business management framework and toolset, The SoulBranding℠ Process, uniquely marries high performance business practices with heart-centered stakeholder empowerment.


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