Episode #229 | Santa Fe Improv | With Ben Taxy and Robin Holloway

Improvization! Making it up as you go along…
That’s life, for some of us. And that’s also a style of theater
with some basic philosophies / tenets/ lessons that also
are pretty cool life lessons.
Like “yes, and..”,
like working collaboratively,
like helping your team,
like committing fully,
like not being afraid to look bad.
Santa Fe Improv teaches and trains in the art of improvisation, a style of comedic theater where scenes and stories are created on-the-spot. Improv is essential training for comedic actors. Learning to improvise is valuable to regular people as well –

We talk with the founder, Ben Taxy and one of the instructors, Robin Holloway about how learning to do imrov makes you a better listener and team player by being more fully present.


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Episode #190 | Up and Down Theater | Show: "Winning the Future"

Up and Down Theater is a sketch and musical comedy trio who produce political and social satire. They are committed to creating work that playfully explores the deeper truths beneath the surface of American culture. The Santa Fe based theater company was founded in 2011.

Lindsey Hope Pearlman is a director, writer, performer and puppeteer. She is known for her work as Lady Macbeth in “Drunk Shakespeare” and created “LUCY” a play she wrote and directed that featured movement and puppetry. Pearlman is a founding member of Up and Down.

Robin Holloway is a songwriter, pianist, writer and actor. Holloway has been a performing and recording musician en Europe and the US for over a decade, with performances in Royal Albert Hall and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London. He is a founding member of Up and Down.

Kate Chavez is an actor, write and director. She has acted in theater productions in Madrid Spain, London and the US. She is a founding member of Up and Down.