“Rhea Goodman is a baby boomer’s best friend!  We Baby Boomers may still identify with the youthfulness of our generation’s name, but the truth is this population bulge is moving into its senior years. Rhea’s Living Juicy! show meets us where we live:  at the brink of seasoned wisdom with the dewy souls of optimists.  Living Juicy! could be the banner cry of our generation.”  

Elsie Maio, former guest


"I love your spirit and what it is weaving into the tapestry of Humanity's communication."

Russell Ward, listener


"Thank you, thank you for the nicest interview I've ever done. That you were wonderfully prepared and so interested, that you made the space safe, that you immediately engaged my right brain -- all of these made it possible. .... Lovely interview tonight... you are GOOD at what you do (I think because YOU find it so juicy). I especially liked your conversation about poems that say something, words that matter... versus that sometimes New Yorker hogwash... Thanks, Rhea, for doing what you do."

Lauren Camp, poet, former guest


"It was SO remarkable with you today. All I can say is thank you for being on this planet and in my heart. You open so many, including me, to new worlds."

McKenzie Magee, former guest


"Malcolm Gladwell says that there are people who are in the know, and they tell other people what is hot and what is not. You are one of those people in the know. You create the buzz that makes a business successful.  You are our informal network and we depend on you."

Mu jing Lau, former guest


I'm so happy you have found your niche in public radio, Rhea.
It's wonderful that with your show you facilitate the spread of important ideas and help artists and thought leaders connect with audiences and broadcast their messages. Seems like a perfect fit for you!

Martha Crawford, Acupuncturist/Singer



"What a fun time we had today with you.  It is always a pleasure to work with those who embrace the new, embrace change, and welcome new perspectives."

Kristen bundesen, former guest


"I so much appreciate your willingness and enthusiasm in talking with the people whose lives are about the core of the transformation process.  Your program is one of the few sources for people who are intrested in the true journey to the core of our being, to our awakened selves."

Emmy Cheney, listener


"The interview was a wonderful experience as well!  It was relaxed and natural and brought me a tremendous amount of good juicy, energy."

Nathan Brown, poet, former guest